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The Walken Dead


Zombie Prom!


One of the Great Ponderables, Really…

If a zombie eats grey matter too fast,

does he get “Brains freezes”?


This pun was brought to you by: 

My Own Twisted Mind  ©Azsunyx all rights (and lefts) reserved


Zombinladin: The Axis of Evil Dead (short Film)

What if somebody found a rotting body at the bottom of the ocean? What if they somehow managed to bring that body back to life? And what if that rotting body just also happened to be Osama bin Laden?


On a side note, Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows and bromance with Johnny Depp has turned poor Johnny into Undead-Liza-Minnelli…

Who else thinks that Mr. Burton may be slipping into some sort of psychosis?

Via http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2011/sep/23/zombie-map-world

“Using a keyword search for “zombies”, it visualizes the absolute concentrations of references within the Google Maps database.

The map reveals two important spatial patterns. First, much of the world lacks any content mentioning “zombies” whatsoever. Second, and related, the highest concentrations of zombies in the Geoweb are located in the Anglophone world, especially in large cities…

The results either provide a rough proxy for the amount of English-language content indexed over our planet, or offer an early warning into the geographies of the impending zombie apocalypse”

But we feel so….ALIVE!