Halloween is fast approaching, and that means one thing.  Lots and lots of candy, mischief, and scantily clad women acting like its normal to go out in public half-naked.  While I weep for what Halloween is becoming, it is still my favorite time of year.  The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cooler, and everything is pumpkin flavored.

Halloween is a tragedy because more and more people are skipping the creativity of homemade costumes and are just picking out whatever is left on the Wal-Mart shelves.  Women just add “furry” accessories to whatever lingerie they have and going as “sexy ______”.   While that’s all fine and dandy,  because people like mostly naked women, it lacks creativity.  Halloween should be a time of year to let your creativity run rampant.

My question is, haw can this year possibly top last year?

Take a peek from last year’s “Night of the Living Nerds” Halloween bash:

(The Lovely Aimee, seen here as one of the Eredar Twins)

(The lovely Khiten as Ramona Flowers)

(Azsunyx {that’s me!} as Harley Quinn)

(Azsunyx as Dr. Harleen Quinzel)

Photos Via – Khelvan

My costume is ready.  I’m itching for a party.  Then, when it’s all over and I can plan for next year, I still have something to wear to a convention.

What will you be going as?  Tell me in the comments.