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Nerdy Dirty.

The perfect way to tell your nerdy significant other how you truly feel:

More cards like these can be found at Nerdy Dirty


Lovely, Lovely Nerds.

Resurrection.  I remember a website, from long ago and on the cheezburger network.  It glorified everything that was fantastic about lovely, nerdy ladies.  It started as “The Women of WTF” and later progressed to lady cosplayers.  I want to breathe life back into this idea.  For women, for men, for me.

The “Hawtness” website is no longer full of quality posts like it was.  Instead, it is now part of “The Daily What”, full of sub par posts, lame jokes, and softcore photos of random, non-nerdy women.

I want this to be a place for nerdy ladies, the things we love, and the reasons people love us.

A name.  This place needs a name.