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Shhhh! Spoilers.

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Pardon me, I've gone a bit misty…

I ♥ ♥ Time Lords….

And I love ThinkGeek for embracing  wibbly wobbly timey wimey…stuff…

“When a Time Lord needs to send a message, technologies like pony express or email just won’t do. The psychic container is where it’s at: every bit of your message conveyed in exactly the way you meant it to be heard and felt by the recipient. Of course, if it’s a bad message, then the sight of the little flying box is not a welcome one.

This replica of the psychic container features motion-sensitive light changing effects. Tap the top to turn on the white glow. Tap again for white flickering mode (the most psychic-looking of the effects, in our opinion!), and tap yet again to go into color mode which cycles through a rainbow of colors. The Mark of the Corsair graces the front, reminding us that a Time Lord is eternal. The Doctor Who Time Lord Psychic Container makes a fun desk accessory or a nifty night light for your bedside table.”

It’s just $29.99 from Thinkgeek.

Click here for Doctor Who on Think Geek.