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Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) Cosplay!


BIG LINK! http://aigue-marine.tumblr.com/


Two things…

First – Have a look at these lovely cosplayers:

Well done. I don’t know who you are, but brilliant job!

Second –

In celebration of completing my last end-of-course exam for my current career field training (passed with 92%!!), I will be playing TF2 all night on 29 Sep 2011, starting from the minute I get home and get comfy.

So for all you computer gamers, I’m going to need you to do a few things:

1. Log in to your Steam account

* If you don’t have a Steam account go HERE and sign up / download the Steam client.  Its Free and worth it.

2. Add me on Steam: Azsunyx

3. Search for & Download Team Fortress 2. It’s also FREE.

4. Once you’ve done all that go ahead and play the tutorials if you need to, I probably will not be online till 6:00pm Pacific time.  However, as soon as you see me pop into game…it’s on.  (I would say “when you see me log on”, but this means I would have to log out at some point….)

* If you’re not sure how to join my game, click on the “View Friends” button, find me, and if I’m in-game it should give an option to “Join Game“.  I apologize in advance if the server happens to be full, bad luck 🙂

Lovely, Lovely Nerds.

Resurrection.  I remember a website, from long ago and on the cheezburger network.  It glorified everything that was fantastic about lovely, nerdy ladies.  It started as “The Women of WTF” and later progressed to lady cosplayers.  I want to breathe life back into this idea.  For women, for men, for me.

The “Hawtness” website is no longer full of quality posts like it was.  Instead, it is now part of “The Daily What”, full of sub par posts, lame jokes, and softcore photos of random, non-nerdy women.

I want this to be a place for nerdy ladies, the things we love, and the reasons people love us.

A name.  This place needs a name.