First – Have a look at these lovely cosplayers:

Well done. I don’t know who you are, but brilliant job!

Second –

In celebration of completing my last end-of-course exam for my current career field training (passed with 92%!!), I will be playing TF2 all night on 29 Sep 2011, starting from the minute I get home and get comfy.

So for all you computer gamers, I’m going to need you to do a few things:

1. Log in to your Steam account

* If you don’t have a Steam account go HERE and sign up / download the Steam client.  Its Free and worth it.

2. Add me on Steam: Azsunyx

3. Search for & Download Team Fortress 2. It’s also FREE.

4. Once you’ve done all that go ahead and play the tutorials if you need to, I probably will not be online till 6:00pm Pacific time.  However, as soon as you see me pop into game…it’s on.  (I would say “when you see me log on”, but this means I would have to log out at some point….)

* If you’re not sure how to join my game, click on the “View Friends” button, find me, and if I’m in-game it should give an option to “Join Game“.  I apologize in advance if the server happens to be full, bad luck 🙂