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Ümloud! 2011

Ümloud! 2011 is a night for gamers to get together, rock out and raise money for Child’s Play charity. But really, Ümloud! is the rockingest night of your life.

Thursday, December 8, 2011
7pm – Late-Night | 18+

Rock Band 3 on the Big Stage

Imagine playing Rock Band 3 on stage at one of San Francisco’s hottest music venues, DNA Lounge. Imagine that you’re plugged in to a serious sound system, and that laser lights and fog machines are swirling all about you. Imagine a crowd of screaming fans.

Are you pumped yet? Now imagine you’re helping raise money for charity while you’re rocking out.

At Ümloud!, you and your friends can get together, start a band and rock DNA Lounge’s main stage on Thursday night, December 8, 2011.

If you don’t want to play in the big show, you’ll have a great time seeing the wild performances on the stage! We’ll even have a free-to-play smaller stage upstairs will be rocking all night.


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Brand Spankin' New Humble Bundle!!


Humble Bundle has just released the “Frozen Synapse” bundle!

If you’re not sure what “Humble Bundle” is, the easiest way to explain is: Get a good deal on games, while supporting a good cause.

“Choose exactly how your purchase is divided: between the developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Child’s Play Charity. Also, if you like this deal, a tip to the Humble Bundle itself would be much appreciated!”

If you donate more than the average(which, right now, is $4), you will also get the “Frozenbyte Bundle” as well!

The games work on nearly any platform, are compatible with offline play…and my favorite part…you can redeem them via your Steam Account!


Free People Read Freely

The Uprise Books Project


I’m so sorry for this wall of text. I just heard about this project and think it is a BRILLIANT idea. So I’m going to post it here, on the off chance I have someone reading this already. That way I can help these guys with a good cause.  I’ve already donated this morning, and it wasn’t very painful. I promise.

“The Uprise Books Project is dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty through literacy, providing new banned and challenged books to underprivileged teens free of charge. In a nutshell, lower-income middle school and high school students can select banned and challenged books on our site, and we take care of finding contributors willing to pick up the tab.

Rather, those kids WILL be able to select books, etc… once our site is finished. That’s sorta where this Kickstarter campaign comes in. We need you, concerned and generous Internet friends, to help cover the cost of designing and developing that website.

When we’re through, kids throughout the country will be able to use the site to browse through a selection of books that have been banned and/or challenged somewhere in the United States and add the ones that interest them to their personal Wish Lists. As long as they’re between the ages of 13 and 18 and meet the income requirements, we’ll do our best to fulfill their requests.

At the same time, folks concerned about little things like poverty, literacy and censorship will be able to search through some basic demographic data to find books  they’d like to sponsor. For example, donors could contribute towards requests for particular banned books that touched them when they were younger, or books that were challenged because of specific content (racism, homosexuality, etc.). Others might be interested in requests from specific states. Doesn’t matter. We’ll make it easy to give in a ways that are meaningful to them.

Fine, fine. But what’s in it for me?

Oh, you mean besides knowing that your contribution helped create a system that helped a poor kid get a free book? You greedy son of a… Actually, we’re pretty excited about the rewards we’re able to offer in this campaign, thanks in no small part to some people who’ve proven they’re just as interested in this cause as we are. 

For example, we’ve partnered with some incredible artists who are creating original, banned book-inspired pieces just for this project. For as little as a $25 contribution, you can have your choice of one of the prints being created RIGHT NOW by Robin Kaplan, hopskotch SunDAY, Dane Ault and Ryan Pollard. We’ll post updates here as the works come together, but you can check out each of their individual sites to find out why we’re so excited to have them on board. We can’t wait to see what they come up with.

We have a few very cool limited rewards, too. The first 10 people who make $35+ contributions will also receive a copy of Mike Russell’s book, The Sabertooth Vampire: The Complete First Season. And our friends at Doubleday Press  and ThinkGeek have kicked in a few items for the first three $200+ donors to fight over.  (First come, first serve one those. Kickstarter’s terms of service ruled out the Thunderdome.)

And of course, everyone who pitches in at least $5 will be recognized on the very Uprise Books Project website they helped turn into a reality.”